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Cheap Spanish Tiles Brisbane (QLD)

Buy Cheap Spanish Tiles At Stone & Tile QLD In Brisbane

Your source for Spanish tiles in QLD is Stone & Tile Queensland of Brisbane. The family owned and operated business has been providing customers with a wide range of choices of tile, including stackstone, natural stone, pavers, and more. The company prides itself on its outstanding service and amazing quality products. As a result, Stone & Tile Queensland has become a local leader in all stone and tile products.

The History Of Spanish Tiles

Spanish tile as we know it today dates back to the early 700s around the time of the Muslim invasions of Spain. Ceramics had long been a part of the culture of southern Europe and Spain. With the arrival of Muslims in 711, ceramics were introduced to metallic oxides. The result was the fine glazed and enamelled tiles that we see frequently today. This type of tile soon spread from Spain to other areas throughout the Mediterranean and, eventually, the world. With the Spanish conquests of the Americas, Spanish tiles were brought to Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Using Spanish Tile For Your Project

There are many colours and styles of Spanish tiles in Brisbane at Stone & Tile Queensland. The tiles are frequently used in bathroom and kitchen projects. They make a great wall covering, especially behind sinks and mirrors. Tiles used for walls are thinner than those used for flooring, since wall tiles do not have to withstand as much impact. At Stone & Tile Queensland, customers have a tremendous selection available.

Customers can visit the company website,, to see what types of tiles are available. There are numerous colour and style choices and customers can also find information on caring for their tile as well as tools and equipment for working with tile. Stone & Tile Queensland also has its own showroom located in Brisbane, where customers can see firsthand the types of tiles available for them to choose from.

Biggest Selection Of Cheap Spanish Tiles In Queensland

Stone & Tile Queensland offers an amazing selection of high quality imported stone to go along with a range of rectified floor and wall tiles. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor project, Stone & Tile QLD can meet your needs. Customers can choose from Travertine, Granite, Sandstone, Marble, and more for beautiful, luxurious looking floors for a home or business. Basalt or sandstone pavers make for great walkways or stairs leading to a front door or entrance to a home or even an office building. Customers can always consult with the professionals at Stone & Tile QLD. The staff director has spent his entire 20-year career in the tiling industry and can help customers with the selection of the right product to meet their needs.

Choose Stone & Tile Queensland

With a huge selection at great prices, Stone & Tile QLD is the choice for cheap Spanish tiles in Brisbane. The showroom is conveniently located for customers to come and check out the entire stock of quality imported stone and tile. Customers can rest assured they will find the look they so desire and do so within their budget. Stone & Tile QLD serves residential, industrial, and commercial clients. For more information, visit the company website (