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Natural Stone: Bathroom/Kitchen/Floor/Outdoor Tiles - Brisbane

Cheap Natural Stone Tiles for Your Brisbane Bathroom, Kitchen Floor or Outdoor Remodelling Project

Picking your new natural stone flooring can be the most fun and exciting part of redoing your kitchen or bathroom. Give your kitchen that timeless look with granite floors or countertops, or create a clean look with marble in the bathroom. With so many cheap tiles and materials for your Brisbane bathroom, kitchen floor or even outdoors, there is just no telling where your imagination will end up, one thing is for certain though; every natural stone floor or surface is sure to create a unique look in your home.

If you’re taking a look at natural stone tiles as a cheap solution for your kitchen or bathroom floor, look no further than Stone and Tile Queensland. With the largest selection of cheap indoor and outdoor tiles in Brisbane, they’re a one stop shop for all your natural stone needs.

The Benefits of Cheap Natural Stone Tiles for your Brisbane Kitchen or Bathroom

No two natural stone floors or tiles are ever the same and every natural stone installation is sure to be unique to your home in more ways than one.

Cost effective

While some Brisbane homeowners might think such a beautiful material as natural stone is too expensive for their homes, they couldn’t get farther from the truth. Natural stone tiles are a cheap flooring alternative to pool, bathroom and outdoor flooring treatments.

Tons of Possibilities

With all the different natural materials available like Limestone, Marble, or even Travertine, the possibilities for creating immersive and rustic spaces are endless. Don’t stop with just one material, use two or even more for your countertops or floors. Marble with gold inlay, Limestone and Travertine layers, the sky is truly the limit.

Durable and Versatile

There is a natural stone material suitable for every environment. From granite tiles that don’t degrade in rough outdoor environments to cheap and durable tile floors for the bathroom or foyer. Natural stone tiles can be used basically anywhere in, or out of the house.

Long Lasting Appeal

Natural stone is malleable, and subject to scratches, but that doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. All floors will eventually scratch or get damaged, but natural stone tiles polish right back to a shine, even when scratched.

Non-Polluting and Ecofriendly

Just like the name implies, natural stone tiles are naturally formed, which not only means that each individual piece is entirely unique, but entirely ecofriendly. Most of these materials are found naturally in the stones near your house anyway, so using them to decorate will really help tie a natural theme into your home.