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Basalt Random Steppers 30mm

Basalt Random Steppers 30mm
Basalt Random Steppers 30mm
Product Code: 11-STEPRD5-6/X/30MM
Availability: In Stock
Price: $45.00
Ex Tax: $40.91


Basalt is a dark-coloured igneous rock, often used internally and externally because of it's durability, beautiful finish, luxurious texture and striking colour.

These incredible Basalt pieces are particularly great for pathways and can transform your boring area into a stylish, contemporary space.

Modernize your area with these beautiful random Basalt Steppers - easy, 'do it yourself', installation!



Piece size: 500-600mm (app.) diameter x 30mm

Available Finishes:  - Flamed & Brushed (Product Code:- 11-STEPRD/F/30MM)

                                - Sawn Cut (Product Code:- 11-STERD/S/30MM)