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A Buyers Guide to Natural Floor, Wall and Stack Stone Wholesalers and Prices in Brisbane

Marble, Granite, Slate, Sandstone, there are just so many choices when deciding on natural stone tile for your new home or remodelling project. With so many materials, it’s hard to keep track of which type of natural stone is perfect for the conditions in your home, that’s why we here at Stone and Tile Queensland have created this buyers guide to natural floor, wall and stack stone prices in Brisbane.

For the best prices in natural stack stones and tiles, your first stop should be one of your local stone or tile wholesalers in Brisbane. Stone and Tile Queensland offers the largest selection of natural stone floor and wall tiles in Brisbane at the lowest prices, so stop in and let our trained professionals guide you through the steps of completing your next home improvement project with a natural stack stone surround, or more.

Ask a Local Brisbane Wholesaler: Stone, Tile, and More

One of the first and biggest deciding factors in choosing your natural stone floor or wall tiles is their absorption rating. Natural stone materials are classified into four different levels of absorption; they are Impervious, Vitreous, Semi-Vitreous, and Non-Vitreous, in order from least to most absorbent. Impervious materials are completely non-absorbent and perfect for high humidity or damp environments, even outdoors. Non-Vitreous materials require constant maintenance as they are exposed to water and should never be used outdoors or in any sort of damp environment.

Stone and tile wholesalers in Brisbane also use a grading system to further classify natural stones. These vary from retailer to retailer, but for the most part they refer to the physical aspects of the material like the thickness, size and quality of the stone. Grade 1 is considered the highest quality, perfect for floor and wall tiles; Grade 2 and Grade 3 will always have some sort of defect in size, shape or smoothness and are better for stack stone style walls and landscaping.

Another thing to ask your retailer about when selecting the natural stone for your home is the Coefficient of Friction, or in other words, how slippery the material is, especially when wet. It’s important to pay attention to this feature of your material, especially if you live in a damp or humid environment. Natural stone wholesalers suggest purchasing a material with a high coefficient of friction for floor tiles, and leaving materials with lower coefficients of friction for things like stack stone walls or facades.

One final thing to be aware of when shopping for natural stone tile is Oxidisation. Due to the nature of how these materials are formed, stray elements like Iron might turn up in your stone tiles after a bit of use and start to oxidise, or rust, causing discoloration and general ware. Talk to your local stone wholesaler about potential Oxidization problems with various materials before installing them in a damp or outdoor area.