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Shopping Tips from the Largest Supplier of Stone Tiles Products and Cladding in Brisbane

Having trouble choosing the material for your next home renovation? Stuck on a decision between tile and stone? Don’t worry, Stone and Tile Queensland is here to help. The choice between stone or tile is never an easy one, and with so many factors that go into picking the right flooring for your kitchen, bathroom or living room, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different directions you can go. That’s why we compiled a list of factors to consider when choosing between tile and natural stone products for your next project.

A Few Things to Consider when Shopping Stone and Tile Products in Brisbane


Durability is one of the prime factors to consider when choosing what type of flooring to go with. Aside from being the most obvious, durability gets its spot on this list because some materials that look durable actually aren’t. Concrete is always a safe bet as it can handle basically anything you throw at it, but it certainly doesn’t look elegant. Natural stone, on the other hand, can be just as durable. Sheet vinyl comes in close second, but certainly doesn’t qualify flimsy tile to handle “heavy duty” foot traffic areas. If durability is your goal, the best bet is to head to Stone and Tile Queensland, where you can choose from the largest selection natural stone products in Brisbane like durable tile and cladding.


The other of the two main factors to keep in mind is how moist the room you’re having treated typically is. If it’s a bathroom, garage, or basement, look no further than good old ceramic or vinyl tile. Ceramic or vinyl tile is better at dealing with moisture than stone, and that’s by a long shot. While natural stone materials can be treated in order to withstand high moisture environments, they require consistent upkeep, which can get costly in the event that there is a flood or spill. Unlike stone, tiles can even be installed over a layer of heating coils that can act as moisture management or just comfy foot warmers.


Stone and Tile Queensland caters to all price ranges, and while both natural stone and tiles are relatively inexpensive flooring treatments, it’s still important to set out a budget for your flooring project and check out stone and tile suppliers in the area for the best deals. Laying ceramic or vinyl is much easier than a full natural stone treatment. In fact, you can save even more dough by turning the installation into a DIY project. If you’re not such a do-it-yourselfer, tile installation generally runs anywhere from $1.00 to $2.50 per square foot, which is much cheaper than you’ll find for stone floors.


Call it crazy, but sometimes getting the look you want is worth the added effort, and as far as creating immersive and tactile spaces goes, tile just doesn’t cut it. Natural stones like Marble and Granite are still good looking, durable, and moisture resistant materials that only require minor upkeep. Not to mention a full stone floor treatment complete with natural stone cladding can skyrocket the market value of your Brisbane home.

However you decide to floor your next home renovation, remember one thing; the best decision is an informed decision. Head on down to Stone and Tile Queensland, the best suppliers of natural stone and tile in Brisbane, for up to date info on the best stone, tiles and cladding for your next renovation.