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Meet Stone and Tile Queensland: The Largest Stone, Marble and Mosaic Wholesaler in Brisbane

These days spotlight is on exclusively unique natural stone interior and outdoor designs, especially in the Queensland area. Other Brisbane stone wholesalers offer poor service and a small selection, but Stone and Tile Queensland beats out the competition with the largest selection of domestic and important natural stones and tiles.

Natural stones have been used in interior design, landscaping and have dozens of functional and aesthetic applications. Found nearly anywhere in or out of the house, natural stone materials like Sandstone and Travertine bring out that rugged rustic vibe wherever they’re used, or if you’re looking for a more sophisticated and elegant look, Marble, Granite and Goldstone might be more your speed. Stone and Tile Queensland has it all, available wholesale so you don’t have to break the bank to get the look you require for your next home renovation project.

From cheap outdoor stack stone walls to luxurious marble tile floors, STQ is your one stop shop for wholesale natural stone mosaic tiles in Brisbane. Started in 2005, Stone and Tile Queensland quickly rose to the top of the Brisbane stone and tile wholesaler ladder and has been proudly serving the greater Queensland area and beyond for over 10 years.

Family owned and operated from its fantastic North Brisbane location, STQ’s brick and mortar store contains one of the largest showrooms in Australia. Specialised sales staffs are always on hand to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the best natural stone for your next remodel or landscaping project, so stop in today to see what all the fuss is about. And who knows, you might just get inspired to get a natural stone flooring treatment for your home or condo.

When it Comes to Brisbane Stone and Tile Wholesalers Bigger is Better

Just ask any one of the thousands of satisfied Stone and Tile Queensland customers and they’ll tell you that for stone and tile wholesalers in the Brisbane area, size definitely matters. Thanks to its size and respected name, STQ can give you access to the finest natural materials on the market at a great price.

STQ stocks everything from granite stack stone cladding to breathtaking handmade mosaic tiles and they’re all delivered to you wholesale at rock bottom prices. For decades, natural stone floors and tiles have been looked upon as symbols of opulence and luxury, but thanks to Stone and Tile Queensland’s shockingly low prices, anyone can pick up and install beautiful and unique natural stone tiles in their own homes.

Architects, interior designers and landscaping developers across Australia turn to Stone and Tile Queensland for all of their natural stone and tile needs. In fact, the business has become so popular that its name is popping up in projects even outside of Brisbane. With the recent expansion of its sales staff, Stone and Tile Queensland is sure to continue its meteoric rise and cement its place as the best wholesaler of stone, mosaic and marble tiles in Brisbane and beyond.