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Travertine / Granite / Limestone / Porphyry - Brisbane Suppliers

Travertine, Granite, Limestone and Porphyry: The Hottest New Natural Stone Materials and Their Brisbane Suppliers

Natural stone is often noted for its sleek elegance and durability and is one of the most sought after floor treatment plans for its simple beauty and massive versatility. So what about the most popular materials for natural stone tiles and floors?

We’ve compiled a list of the hottest natural stone materials. These materials are rated to be the highest performing natural materials in wet and high activity bottleneck areas like hallways. Don’t give up on your dreams of natural stone flooring just because you’re worried about the mess. Stop in to Stone and Tile Queensland, the largest suppliers of Limestone, Travertine, and all the hottest natural stone materials in Brisbane

STQ Is the Largest Travertine Supplier in Brisbane

Right off the bat, Travertine is the perfect choice for humid or damp environments. You may have heard that Travertine is a very porous material, making it unsuitable for use in the bathroom or kitchen, but that’s only half true. Travertine is indeed very porous, however it’s also very durable and invulnerable to most bathroom spills like soaps and cosmetics and is extremely easy to maintain. If you think Travertine is right for your next home improvement project, head on down to Stone and Tile Queensland, the largest Travertine supplier in Brisbane.

For a Rock Solid Look, Go With Granite

Perfect for countertops and kitchen surfaces, Granite is not only one of the hardest materials on the planet (second only to diamonds), it is also the most in demand natural material in the entire world. Other Brisbane Granite suppliers in Brisbane usually only have a limited stock due to high demand, but STQ has the largest stock and showroom in Queensland. Skip the other retailers and head to Stone and Tile Queensland.

Find the Perfect Limestone Tiles, Head to Stone and Tile Queensland

Honed Limestone offers a stunning ivory veneer for any room in your house. Most Brisbane Limestone suppliers agree that this natural material is best served as a wall façade or even used in stack stone installations as it is prone to chipping when used as a flooring material. But even chipping doesn’t discourage many high traffic Brisbane homes and businesses from using Limestone in the kitchen, bathroom, or even outside.

Looking Pretty in Porphyry

Porphyry is a particularly beautiful and striking natural stone material. Porphyry suppliers in Brisbane and beyond praise this material for its good looks and almost star like sparkle. Due to the magmatic nature of it’s creation Porphyry stones are laced with shining crystals that gave it a unique texture and eye catching sheen. On top of its already unique aesthetic applications, Porphyry is notoriously durable, and works well in high moisture environments, making it the perfect material for outdoor landscaping and indoor flooring treatments alike.

If would like Limestone, Porphyry, Granite or Travertine to be a part of your next indoor or outdoor renovation, stop by Stone and Tile Queensland, the largest supplier of natural stone materials in Brisbane.